Communication: support and resources

As Dr Catherine Millington Sanders discusses in her , good communication is central to good end of life care.

This page signposts you to some key resources to support you in having these difficult conversations, and ensure you can support patients and those close to them through the decisions and realities they face.


 covers the principles and importance of good communication, and how you can consider the surrounding environment in which the conversation takes place.

aims to give you the confidence you need to have effective conversations with patients nearing the end of their lives.

Advance care planning resources and support can help you frame the conversation and also provides useful resources to support patients.

. This website provides a resource bank to support healthcare staff working in the NHS with patients, their carers, and families before, at, and after death.


Here you can find the key sections of our guidance that provide advice on communicating effectively when treating patients nearing the end of their life.

End of life care guidance

Explaining the clinical issues (paragraph 28 – 30)

Recording and communicating decisions (paragraphs 75 – 77)

Recording and communicating CPR decisions (paragraph 143)

Working in teams and across service boundaries (paragraph 22)


Sharing information and discussing treatment options (paragraphs 7 – 25)

Discussing side effects, complications and other risks (paragraphs 28 – 36)

Good communication is key to many aspects of end of life care – please see our end of life care guidance for full details.

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