Support and resources

Support and resources for doctors

(pdf) is a Marie Curie report that includes important information on identity and family structure.

Mental capacity decision support tool is an online interactive tool to help you decide what to do when you doubt your patient’s capacity to make decisions about their care, including how to involve those close to them.

 is a method to reconnect staff to patients’ and families’ experiences, principally through the act of shadowing their treatment. Living well to the very end is a programme that applies this approach in end of life care.

 is a website set up by NHS Education for Scotland to support healthcare staff who are working with patients, carers and families before, at, and after death. It includes advice and resource for healthcare professions on in their end of life care.

– reflections from a doctor in training on the steps you can take to involve a carer in your patient’s treatment.

Support for GPs

 – an educational framework and learning resource for GPs and primary care teams

is part of the  and includes some tips for GPs on how to support carers.

Resources to support families and friends

 is the UK’s most comprehensive directory of services for people in the last years of life, their families, carers and friends.

 (pdf) is a booklet for people in the final stages of life, and their carers. It explains what happens at end of life and how to plan for it.

is a charity that can provide support for carers and can help locate local support available for carers.

is a charity set up to help people who look after an older, disabled or seriously ill family member or friend and can provide advice on accessing support.
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