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Here’s a range of learning materials, like flowcharts and case studies, to help put the principles in our ethical guidance into practice.

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A GPDR compliance folder

Understanding the new data protection law

Five things to know about our Confidentiality guidance and the GDPR
Our raising and acting on concerns guidance cover image

Raising and acting on concerns decision tool

Decision tool
This tool guides you in the decision making process, from incidents you can tackle yourself or situations should be escalated.
Screenshot from the video on end of life care

End of life care: Talking about end of life care

A video where doctors, patients and carers talk about the effects and decisions around clinically assisted nutrition and hydration.
Screenshot of our Medical practice in action resource

Medical practice in action

Case study
Medical practice in action is a set of interactive scenarios in which you can follow a patient on his or her journey and decide what the doctor should do.
Screengrab from the 'what is mental capacity?' video

What is mental capacity?

This video covers what mental capacity is, how can it be assessed, and how our guidance applies.
An angry, dismissive doctor

Raising concerns: A colleague’s behaviour

Case study
Dr Quinn is a part-time GP and has concerns about the aggressive behaviour of a colleague and effect this is having on patients.
A woman receiving cosmetic treatments to her face

FAQs about cosmetic interventions

Question and answer
Read the frequently asked questions about our cosmetic interventions guidance.
A distressed patient

Raising concerns: Whistleblowing

Case study
Dr Ahmed is a senior consultant and has concerns about poor standards of care that go unaddressed.
A still from our video on trans health

Trans health

A film with some practical tips on putting our guidance into practice and respecting the rights of trans patients.
A female patient participating in a remote video consultation with her doctor

Deciding whether to perform a remote consultation

Decision tool
How to weigh up the factors to decide if a remote consultation is appropriate.
Our confidentiality guidance cover

Confidentiality decision tool

Decision tool
Personal information of patients shouldn't be disclosed unless necessary. This tool can help you decide if things need to be disclosed.
Sharing information with a patient

Confidentiality: Sharing information with family members

Case study
Read our case study about a doctor's decision on disclosing information to a parent.
Our Protecting children and young people guidance cover image

Child protection decision tool

Decision tool
A tool to help identify the steps to take when deciding whether to share information about a child or young person at risk of abuse or neglect.
A doctor listening to an older patient

Mental capacity decision tool

Decision tool
A tool to help identify the steps to take if you’re unsure about a patient’s capacity to make decisions.
Doctor talking to a patient

Adult safeguarding: Capacity to manage care

Case study
A case study examining whether a patient with learning disabilities has the capacity to manage their own care and make important decisions.
A still from our older adults video

Older adults

A film featuring doctor-in-training, Cat Harley's, five top tips for helping older adults feel heard, respected and included in decisions about their care.