Leadership and management guidance: Contents

 About this guidance  
      How this guidance applies to you
 Duties of a doctor in the workplace          1-2
 Working with colleagues  3-21
      Leadership  3-5
      Respect for colleagues  6-9
      Communication within and between teams  10-15        
      Responsibility and accountability  16-21
 Maintaining and improving standards of care  22-47
      Reflecting on you practice  22-23
      Ensuring high standards of care  24-29
      Performance review and revalidation  30-38
      Keeping up to date  39-40
      Information governance  41-47
 Employment  48
      Recruitment, rewards and compensation  49-52
      Induction and mentoring  53-59
      Supervision  60-62
      Teaching and training  63-65
      Grievance, performance and health  66-77
      Writing references       78
 Planning, using and managing resources  79-83
      Allocating resources  84-88
      Honesty, integrity and conflicts of interest  89-92


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