About this guidance  
 Principles for protecting children and young people  1
 Identifying children and young people at risk of, or suffering, abuse or neglect
      Key points  
      Roles of all doctors      2-5
      Roles of doctors who work with children or young people  6-12
 Communication and support  
      Key points  
      Meeting communication needs  13-14
      Communicating with children and young people  15-17
      Communicating with parents  18-22
 Working in partnership  
      Key points  
      Working jointly with others and communicating effectively  23-25
      Participating in child protection procedures  26-27
 Confidentiality and sharing information  
      Key points  
      The principles of confidentiality  28-31
      Sharing information where you are concerned that a child or young person is at risk of, or is suffering, abuse or neglect  32-35
      Sharing information without consent  36-38
      Delay in sharing information  39-41
      Following up your concerns  42
      Minor concerns that might be part of a wider picture  43-45
      Responding to requests for information  46-50
      Sharing information in the healthcare team or with others providing care  51
 Keeping records  
      Key points  
      What you should record  52-57
      Storage and access to records  58-60
 Child protection examinations  
      Key points  
      Carrying out a child protection examination  61-62
      Asking for consent  63-67
      When consent is not given  68-70
 Training and development  
      Key points  
      Maintaining your knowledge and skills  71-73
      Learning from others  74-75
 Doctors giving evidence in court  
      Key points  
      Duties of all witnesses  76-80
      Giving evidence as a witness of fact (professional witness)  81-82
      Giving evidence as an expert witness  83-89
      Notes and records  90
      Keeping up to date  91-92
      Information security  93-95
      Conflicts of interest  96
 Appendix 1 - Assessing the capacity of a child or young person  1-3
 Appendix 2 - Assessing best interests  1-2
 Definitions of children, young people and parents  
      Who are children and young people?  
      Parents and parental responsibility  
 Other sources of information and guidance  
 Case studies  



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