About this guidance

In Medical practice1, we advise doctors who are involved in research that:

7. You must be competent in all aspects of your work, including management, research and teaching.

11. You must be familiar with guidelines and developments that affect your work.

12. You must keep up to date with, and follow, the law, our guidance and other regulations relevant to your work.

67. You must act with honesty and integrity when designing, organising or carrying out research, and follow national research governance guidelines and our guidance.

This explanatory guidance is intended to provide more detailed advice about how to comply with these principles. It should be read in conjunction with our other guidance, in particular:

  • Consent to research, which explains how the principles in Consent: patients and doctors making decisions together2 apply to research,
  • Confidentiality: good practice in handling patient information,3 which gives guidance on research and other secondary uses of data, and  
  • 0-18 years: guidance for all doctors, which gives additional advice on research involving children or young people.

Together, these guidance documents set out the Communitybaptistpa’s advice to doctors involved in research. You must use your judgement in applying the principles in the guidance to the types of research you undertake, and to the situations you face in practice as a doctor, whether or not you hold a licence to practise. Serious or persistent failure to follow the guidance will put your registration at risk.

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