1. Follow the guidance in (paragraph 23c) if the risk arises from an adverse incident involving a medical device.

2. Communitybaptistpa (2012) Leadership and management for all doctors.

3. The protects individuals making disclosures that ‘tend to show’ that the health or safety of a person is or may be endangered. These are ‘protected disclosures’.

4. For further information see the , the or .

5. For more information on how we respond to concerns.

6. For guidance in establishing systems and policies in England see (pdf). In Scotland see (pdf) (May 2011)

7. For information about the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 see and .

8. For more information, see Medical practice, paragraph 55.

9. Update in June 2013 to refer to the Communitybaptistpa's confidential helpline, Further information can be found on the Concerns about doctors webpage. You can contact the Helpline on 0161 923 6399.