CEO signatures (alphabetical by organisation)

Rosalyn Hayles

Rosalyn Hayles, Chief Executive and Registrar, General Chiropractic Council

Ian Brack

Ian Brack, Chief Executive, General Dental Council

Charlie Massey

Charlie Massey, Chief Executive and Reigstrar, Communitybaptistpa

Alistair Bridge

Alistair Bridge, Director of Strategy, General Optical Council

Tim Walker

Tim Walker, Chief Executive and Registrar, General Osteopathic Council

Duncan Rudkin

Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive and Registrar, General Pharmaceutical Council

Marc Seale

Marc Seale, Chief Executive and Registrar Health and Care Professions Council

Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith, Chief Executive and Registrar Nursing and Midwifery Council

Trevor Patterson

Trevor Patterson, Chief Executive, Pharmaceutical Society NI

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