0-18 years guidance: Contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

70. You can provide contraceptive, abortion35 and STI advice and treatment, without parental knowledge or consent, to young people under 16 provided that:

a. they understand all aspects of the advice and its implications

b. you cannot persuade the young person to tell their parents or to allow you to tell them

c. in relation to contraception and STIs, the young person is very likely to have sex with or without such treatment

d. their physical or mental health is likely to suffer unless they receive such advice or treatment, and

e. it is in the best interests of the young person to receive the advice and treatment without parental knowledge or consent.36

71. You should keep consultations confidential even if you decide not to provide advice or treatment (for example, if your patient does not understand your advice or the implications of treatment), other than in the exceptional circumstances outlined in paragraphs 46 to 52 and paragraphs 64 to 69.

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