0-18 years guidance: Contents



Introduction    1-11
Assessing best interests 12-13
Communication 14-21
Making decisions 22-23
     Assessing the capacity to consent 24-29
           Children and young people who lack the capacity to consent 27-28
           Young people who have the capacity to consent 29
     If a young person refuses treatment 30-33

     Procedures undertaken mainly for religious, cultural, social or emotional reasons 

     Research 36-40 
     Donation, transplantation, organ and tissue storage and use 41
Principles of confidentiality 42-43
     Sharing information with the consent of the child or young person 44-45
     Sharing information without consent 46
           Public interest 47-50
           Disclosures when a child lacks the capacity to consent 51 
           Disclosures required by law 52
Access to medical records by children, young people and their parents 53-55 
Child protection


Sexual activity 64-69
Contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) 70-72 
      Conscientious objections 72
Suitability to work with children and young people 73-75


Prescribing medicines 77
Supplementary information  
Who are children and young people? Appendix 1
Parents and parental responsibility Appendix 2
Other sources of information and guidance  
Legislation and case law  
Useful links  


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