Guidance for all doctors who offer cosmetic interventions

We’ve issued new guidance which sets out the standards we expect from doctors who provide cosmetic interventions. The guidance came into force on 1 June 2016 and applies to all doctors who carry out both surgical (such as breast augmentation) and non-surgical procedures (such as dermal fillers).

The guidance makes clear the ethical obligations doctors have towards patients and the standards of care they need to provide. It says that doctors must:

  • market their services responsibly
  • seek a patient’s consent themselves rather than delegate this to somebody else
  • give patients all the time and information they need so that they can make a voluntary and informed decision about whether to go ahead
  • take particular care when considering requests for interventions on children and young people
  • consider patients’ vulnerabilities and psychological needs when making decisions with them about treatment options

To support the guidance we’ve also produced a:

  • short guide for people who are considering having a cosmetic procedure and a poster to help them remember what to expect from their doctor
  • number of case studies to help illustrate how our cosmetics guidance might work in practice.

For further information have a look at our:


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