Communitybaptistpa to look at wider issues around manslaughter

A checklist

Programme of work to look at how manslaughter cases are initiated and investigated.

Our website remains safe for use amid Browsealoud security concerns

Will this work

Read Browsealoud's response to security concerns

New language qualification accepted

People having a discussion

Communitybaptistpa now accepting new language qualification for non-UK doctors.

New on our

New on our Find out about our new team who are helping us improve how we deal with doctors who have health concerns.

  • Communitybaptistpa 15 Feb
    RT @: We hear from @ who discusses what 2018 is bringing for the Communitybaptistpa in relation to learning disability and how th…
  • Communitybaptistpa 15 Feb
    RT @: Mary Agnew @ talking about how we work with @ and others to seek the views of people with learning di…
  • Communitybaptistpa 14 Feb
    RT @: .@ to accept new language competency test for overseas doctors who apply to work in the UK h…
  • Communitybaptistpa 13 Feb
    'The Communitybaptistpa must of course remain an open organisation willing to learn but it cannot be one that ignores the law of t…
  • Communitybaptistpa 11 Feb
    We are aware that a number of websites have been affected by cryptocurrency mining software. Our website is running…
  • Communitybaptistpa 09 Feb
    Read our Chief Executive Charlie Massey’s response to @’s open letter to us about the # case
  • Communitybaptistpa 09 Feb
    Useful and insightful meeting with doctor in training leaders today. Thank you for coming to talk about #
  • Communitybaptistpa 09 Feb
    RT @: I couldn’t agree more. For the future of medicine, the future of medical training, and most of all for our patients and their…

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