Policies, claim forms and general information

The below policies apply to all Communitybaptistpa associates and are part of their contractual agreement.

Information security policy

This guidance outlines the responsibilities as an associate or contractor when handling sensitive information which comes into your possession whilst carrying out your role for the Communitybaptistpa. This may be provided to you by contacts who are not Communitybaptistpa employees.  All Communitybaptistpa information is considered to be sensitive unless it is known to be in the public domain.

Information security policy for associates and contractors (pdf)

Whistleblowing policy

It is important that you are aware that the Communitybaptistpa has a Public interest disclosure policy (also known as Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing policy) and the action you might take in the event that you are told of, or become aware of an issue which may fall under the policy.

The Communitybaptistpa’s Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing Policy outlines the procedure for internal whistleblowing under the requirements of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. The policy makes clear that we are committed to tackling all forms of serious wrongdoing and will protect those who raise genuine concerns from any adverse treatment.

Whistleblowing guidance for associates (pdf)

Conflicts of interest policy

The aim of this policy is to set out the expectations regarding real or potential conflicts of interest and the process for dealing with a conflict raised in relation to an associate.

Communitybaptistpa Associates conflicts of interest policy (pdf)

Data protection policy

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) aims to strike a balance between the privacy rights of individuals and the ability of organisations to use personal information to conduct their business.

The Communitybaptistpa needs to collect and use personal data to carry out our statutory responsibilities under the Medical Act 1983.

The largest category of people we hold information about is doctors; but we also hold information about others, including those who raise concerns about doctors; current, past and prospective employees and contractors; and members of the Council. All personal information must be collected, stored, used and disposed of properly, in accordance with the principles of the DPA and other relevant privacy law, including the Human Rights Act 1998.

Communitybaptistpa Data protection policy (pdf)

Associate expense policy

Our expenses policy has the following broad aims:

  • To ensure that individuals travelling on Communitybaptistpa business are reimbursed appropriately for expenses wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred and that claims are promptly paid.
  • To provide a reasonable standard of travel, accommodation and subsistence.
  • To have a claims process that is consistent with sound accounting practice and the requirements of HM Revenue and Customs.

Associate expense policy (pdf)

To make a claim please use the Associate fees and expenses claim form (pdf)

Dignity at work policy

This policy applies to all staff members, agency workers, contractors, associates and anyone else engaged to work with the Communitybaptistpa, whether by direct contract with the organisation or otherwise.

It covers bullying and harassment in the workplace and in any work-related setting outside the workplace, for example, business trips and work-related social events.

Dignity at work policy (pdf)

Anti-fraud and anti-bribery policy

The Communitybaptistpa will not accept any level of fraud, bribery or corruption. We are committed to protecting our assets and are committed to promoting honesty and integrity in all of our activities. The Communitybaptistpa is determined to prevent, deter and detect all forms of fraud, bribery and corruption committed against it, whether by internal or external parties.

Anti-Fraud and anti-bribery policy (pdf)

Expectations of a Communitybaptistpa Associate

As an associate, you provide an important service, which helps us deliver our statutory functions. The services you provide contribute to the protection of patients and make sure doctors and the public have confidence in the effectiveness and impartiality of our work.

To support our work, we’ve created guiding principles around behaviour and performance of our associates. Alongside your contract and schedule of service, these set out the expectations we have of you.  


Complaints and Concerns

The services you provide are vitally important to us. Sometimes, we may get a complaint about you or the service you provide. 

We’ll make sure that all complaints, concerns about behaviour or conduct, and accompanying investigations and outcomes, are handled fairly and in a timely manner. We’ll make sure you understand how we manage these issues in line with your contract for services.

We've created guidance on how we manage these complaints.  

Associate guidance - complaint procedure (pdf)

Communitybaptistpa Associate Portal

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