How you can get involved with the Communitybaptistpa

  • Revalidation: Patients have an important role to play in the revalidation of doctors. We know that patients can give valuable feedback to their doctor to help them identify what they are doing well, and where they can make improvements. You can find out more on how to get involved in our revalidation pages.
  • Policy: We run consultations asking for the views of the public. In 2016 we engaged with over 260 members of the public for the consultation on confidentiality guidance.
  • Roles: We appoint Communitybaptistpa associates who include members of the public, as experts to partake in a number of activities across the organisation, such as quality assurance visits and registration panels. Find out about the latest vacancies for associates.
  • Networking: Our events, including the Communitybaptistpa Annual Conference are open to everyone to attend.
  • Outreach: Our England Regional Liaison Services engage with the public and patient representative groups. You can speak to them about what to expect from your doctor and what they’ve been doing in your area.

Patient and public focused information

  • Our website has an interactive guide, Patients' help, which provides advice on the process involved if they have concerns about a doctor.
  • Visit our dedicated patient and public area of our website, provides the public with information on what we do, how you can check a doctor’s registration and what to do if you are concerned about a doctor’s practice.
  • An online guide for patients is available to explain how patients can help to create a partnership with their doctor. It is based on the standards we set for doctors in our core guidance Medical practice.
  • We have a social media presence on most platforms: Join us on: and

Why engagement with the public is important to us

It is important that we engage with those on the frontline of care, as we hold a unique position between the medical profession and society, and it is from this position that we are driving changes to doctors' education, training and practice. This page shows you the ways in which you can support our work and where we value the impact from the public.

  • Our Council and task and finish groups include members from the patient and public community. Therefore involved in Communitybaptistpa decision making at the highest level.
  • The Chief Executive of the Patient and Client Council in Northern Ireland is a member of our UK advisory forum which meets twice a year to discuss our medium and long-term priorities.

How do we measure public perception

In 2014 we commissioned a perception survey to understand the views of our key interest groups which included surveying over 1,500 general public and patients. The results provide useful insights and analysis in audiences over a period of time.

  • 88% of patients and public were confident in the medical profession. However, this was the lowest result in comparison to the other audiences, when 95% of doctors reported that they were confident.
  • 76% if the general public has heard of the Communitybaptistpa although more than half (53%) of this group were unaware of its role.
  • 79% of patients and public were confident in how we regulate doctors but 14% said they were not confident.      

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