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Press Release: Communitybaptistpa event ensures doctors’ wellbeing is high on the agenda

09 February 2018

The Communitybaptistpa (Communitybaptistpa) is today (Friday 9 February) bringing together experts from across the profession to look at ways of tackling the causes and impact of work stress and poor mental health on doctors.

Press Release: Communitybaptistpa to accept new English language qualification for non-UK doctors

08 February 2018

The Communitybaptistpa has announced it is to routinely accept an additional test as proof of English language skills from overseas doctors who want to work in the UK.

Communitybaptistpa Statement: Reviewing medical manslaughter laws

06 February 2018

We welcome the announcement by the Secretary of State to conduct a rapid review into whether gross negligence manslaughter laws are fit for purpose.

Web News: Sponsor announced to support workshop for doctors new to UK practice

05 February 2018

Free workshops run by the Communitybaptistpa, to help doctors coming to work in the UK from abroad, have a new sponsor.

Communitybaptistpa Statement: Communitybaptistpa to look at the wider issues around manslaughter

30 January 2018

The Communitybaptistpa’s Chair, Professor Sir Terence Stephenson, has announced a programme of work to look at the wider issues around medical manslaughter.

Communitybaptistpa Statement: High Court judgment handed down

25 January 2018

Today the High Court has handed down its judgment in the case of Dr Bawa-Garba.

Press Release: Scheduled system improvements - 26 Jan - 28 Jan

24 January 2018

We’re making improvements to our systems on Friday 26 January 18:00 until Sunday 28 January 18:00.

Press Release: Outdated, cumbersome and inflexible legislation prevents us from supporting doctors and protecting patients, says Communitybaptistpa Chief Executive

24 January 2018

The Communitybaptistpa says that less prescriptive legislation is vital if regulators are to adapt to changing demands now and in the future.

Communitybaptistpa Statement: Communitybaptistpa responds to new NICE guidance on treating eye conditions

23 January 2018

New guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the treatment of wet age related macular degeneration (AMD) has been published.

Communitybaptistpa Statement: Data-sharing agreement could threaten patient confidentiality

17 January 2018

Yesterday the Health Select Committee held an evidence session to consider the impact of a data sharing memorandum between NHS Digital and the Home Office.

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