The state of medical education and practice in the UK

Every year we report on the state of medical education and practice in the UK. This helps us raise the prominent issues in UK healthcare. Here you can find our reports on the changing medical register, training, and patterns of complaints.

Our findings in 2017

The 'state of unease' gripping the UK's medical profession continues.


Past reports

See our findings from 2013–16

Somep 2016 cover


Pressures on the health and social care services is creating a state of unease within the medical profession across the UK.

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Somep 2015 cover


We published an extensive online resource of our registration, education and fitness to practise data.

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Somep 2014 cover


We look at issues raised through feedback to our regional liaison service and devolved offices.

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 Somep 2013 cover


We focus on complaints we received about doctors to see if we can identify areas of risk within medical practice.

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