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Recent Communitybaptistpa decisions

Case examiner decisions

If we decide to issue a warning, or agree undertakings, with a doctor, we'll show it here for 12 months.

Our recent decisions

If you want to see the complete record for one of the doctors listed below, please go to the . Enter the doctors seven-digit Communitybaptistpa number (follows their name in the list), and you will find their record.

You can also contact us to ask for a copy of the entry on our list.


February 2018

 Dr Abayomi Ojetayo, Communitybaptistpa Reference 6074143, 28 February 2018

March 2018

Dr Gian Milandri, Communitybaptistpa Reference 6109405, 5 March 2018

Dr Mahin Munir, Communitybaptistpa Reference 5172382, 28 March 2018


February 2018

Dr Ian Mollan, Communitybaptistpa Reference 4440011, 28 February 2018

March 2018

Dr Christine Foster, Communitybaptistpa Reference 7277953, 1 March 2018

Dr Selvaraj Giridharan, Communitybaptistpa Reference 4597889, 1 March 2018

Dr Ali Khammas, Communitybaptistpa Reference 4451277, 20 March 2018

Dr Graham Stiff, Communitybaptistpa Reference 3280995, 21 March 2018

Dr Guruprasad Ganguly, Communitybaptistpa Reference 6093583, 26 March 2018