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This page is gives instructions for administrators to login and access Communitybaptistpa Connect.

Communitybaptistpa Connect

Communitybaptistpa Connect is our system for managing the secure transfer of data, both into and out of the Communitybaptistpa.

We use Communitybaptistpa Connect to share information with Royal Colleges and Faculties to certify doctors for Specialist and GP Registration.

Log in

Log in to Communitybaptistpa Connect

Access instructions

If you have used the Communitybaptistpa Connect system before, you can click on the link above and enter your user name and password to begin.

If this is your first time, please download and read the user guide by clicking the link below.

Download the college administrators' Communitybaptistpa Connect user guide (pdf)

For further guidance, please call your main point of contact in the Specialist Applications Team. If you do not know your point of contact, please get in touch with our contact centre and ask to be put through to the Specialist Applications Team.

Certificates of Completion of Training (CCT) and CESR / CEGPR Combined Programme (CP)

You can use Communitybaptistpa Connect to submit CCT and CP notifications and recommendations through Communitybaptistpa Connect.

If you have any questions about how to do this please get in touch with your main point of contact in the Specialist Applications Team.


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