Education consultations and reviews

This page outlines our current and recent public consultations and reviews of our work around medical education and training.

Further details of Communitybaptistpa consultations can be found on our .

Current reviews

Reviewing the Outcomes for graduates

We recently consulted on revisions to our Outcomes for graduates which set out what newly qualified doctors from UK medical schools must know and be able to do. The consultation closed on 10 January 2018.

We are analysing the consultation responses and expect to publish a new version of the Outcomes in summer 2018.

Flexibility in postgraduate medical training

In 2016 we began a review of flexibility in postgraduate medical training, working with stakeholders to find solutions to current barriers to flexibility.

We reported to the health ministers of the four UK countries on 30 March 2017, identifying key actions we will take with partners to deliver increased flexibility for doctors in training.

Medical licensing assessment

We are developing proposals for the introduction of a Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA), designed to create a common threshold for entry on to the UK medical register.

The consultation on plans to establish the MLA ran from 31 January to 30 April 2017.

Introducing regulated credentials

In 2015 we consulted on introducing regulated credentials to enhance medical regulation and patient protection.

Council agreed in April 2016 that we should work with early adopters to evaluate our credentialing model during 2016-17.

Health and disability

We are running a further review of health and disability. Part of this includes revising our Gateways to the professions guidance, so our stakeholders can give better support for students and doctors with disabilities. We will consult on it in 2018.

We also plan to enrich our existing resources hub with helpful materials for prospective and current students, doctors and educators.

Working together to better support doctors in training

Since 2010 we've been working with education and training organisations across the UK to understand doctors' progression through the training programmes we approve.

This work includes:

  • using our standards and quality assurance framework to drive change
  • working with others to understand the issues, take action and share knowledge and practice
  • using data and evidence to measure and monitor progress.

Completed reviews

For information about our completed reviews and closed consultations in education and training, see completed education consultations and reviews.



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