End of life care campaign

Focus on end of life care

We know end of life care is a particularly challenging area of practice and something most doctors will face at some point. Whether they are a palliative specialist or not, doctors are likely to treat people who are expected to die in the next 12 months, and this can lead to added complexities.

We have a range of resources available and in development that will help doctors navigate some of the difficult situations they may come across in their day to day practice. We are working closely with doctors, patients and other organisations involved in end of life care to ensure these resources are useful, relevant and meet doctors’ needs.

Over 2016, we will build on these pages linking to tools, case studies and conversations happening in the wider EOLC community. We want to help doctors apply our guidance on end of life care in practice, and deliver good care to patients reaching the end of their life.


More resources

  • Learning materials – including our EOLC e-learning module, decision making flow charts, case studies and interactive Medical practice in action cases.
  • About our guidance – from here you can read the guidance and see how the principles apply in challenging scenarios.
  • External resources – including resources by EOLC expert organisations for doctors, patients, carers and other stakeholders.
  • Glossary of EOLC terms

Want to talk to us?

Our regional liaison advisers are located across England and are available to discuss our guidance across the 11 regions of England. Please contact them on: [email protected]

Our offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are located in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Our teams are available to discuss our guidance and any other aspect of Communitybaptistpa’s work on end of life care in these countries:

Our employer liaison advisers help medical managers deal with concerns about doctors, including advising on when to refer a case to the Communitybaptistpa. Contact them on: [email protected].

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