Medical practice: Explanatory guidance

Please select which guidance you need using the table below. If you are looking for information on a specific issue and do not know which guidance title you need, you can also view our A-Z or search the guidance.

You can also download the publication, What to expect from your doctor: a guide for patients (2013) which we have developed to help patients understand the standards expected of all doctors. Please note that this is not guidance for doctors.  

Role of the guidance

Access the guidance

Medical practice is our core guidance for all registered doctors. As with all our guidance, serious or persistent failure to follow it will put a doctor’s registration at risk.

Medical practice is supported by a range of explanatory guidance, which expands on one or more of its high level principles.
We have guidance about fundamental ethical principles that most doctors will use every day, like Consent and Confidentiality.
Guidance that every doctor needs to know about and follow, even though they may not use it regularly in their day to day work.

And guidance that may be more relevant to doctors working in certain specialties, or about specific situations some doctors may face during the course of their career.

We expect doctors to be familiar with the range of guidance because failure to follow any of it will put their registration at risk.





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