Medical practice (2013)

Welcome to the Medical practice homepage.

Read Medical practice (GMP) on these pages where we’ve added links from relevant sections of the guidance to:

  • explanatory guidance
  • interactive case studies which bring to life the principles in the guidance
  • cases heard by medical practitioners tribunals, which provide examples of where a failure to follow the guidance has put a doctor’s registration at risk.

Read the guidance using the navigation arrows at the bottom of each page or jump to a particular domain of the guidance:

Updates to the guidance

We updated Medical practice (2013) on 29 April 2014, to include a new duty about doctors’ knowledge of the English language.

Bringing the guidance to life – what would you do?

We’ve updated our interactive case studies, Medical practice in action to illustrate some of the new principles in Medical practice 2013. In the scenarios we ask what the doctor should do in each case.

Download Medical practice

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